About ARTfi

Artfi – the Fine Art & Finance Conference provides an arena where the art enthusiasts can gain an in-depth knowledge on the fascinating aspects of the art world and the global trends that dominates it. Artfi provides its participants with initial tools to become a player in the art world, explaining its mechanism and attracting new crowd to the market.  

Artfi invites its participants to meet the passion that motivates the art world and to hear from the movers and shakers of the art industry about issues such as art collecting, philanthropy, the financial power of artworks, corporate collection and more.

Artfi includes talks and panel discussions with leading figures from all facets of the art world and allows an insider's comprehensive perspective of both market and artistic trends in the art market today, and into the future.
With the exceeding interest in art, geo political changes and the greater confidence of investors in the art market, there is a need for a professional meeting point for both new players and professionals in the field.

Artfi sets as this meeting point. It serves as an entry point for new collectors, as a reaffirming and informational reference for the connoisseur, and provides a forum to spark new ideas and creative visions.
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